Shh! I hear it scuttling toward us, We should not breathe until it passes. Try not to move, nor twitch or fuss, For it shall be both our arses. It's stench so dense, A more vulgar, manure. Pass out from the horror? Just a whiff is torture, pure! It's heaving, snarling, Crawling, along the walls.... Continue Reading →


There are times I feel proud, Proud, of the words I put down. Forever longing for your approval, But you can't praise me out loud! Yet you parade other words, Impressed, with the other heards. Throwing their work in my face, Acting like it doesn't hurt! I perform my poetry, And you stare blankly, back... Continue Reading →


Waiting, Anticipating, Shaking, Afraid! I don't want to do this infusion today! Horrified, Terrified, Really, Scared! I'm still in pain. But I was prepared! Unfair, Typical, Would you believe it?! I took all my medicine, but still feel like shit! Tired, Fatigued, Damn right exhausted! Feeling all sorts of, nauseated! Can't wait, Taxi! Take me... Continue Reading →


Are you the kind of person to soak up peoples energy? Other peoples problems don't matter? It's just me, me, me, me, me! Do you praise them when they do all they can for you? But once, they can not be there. So you flush them down the loo? Well, if any of the above... Continue Reading →

Diet and Exercise

Oh gosh I need some exercise, I need to lose this tum! It's not like i can just get up and go out for lovely a run. Walking has its difficulties, mere metres can I go? If I can not exercise, my weight will surely grow? I'll cut down on my calories, eat my fruit... Continue Reading →


Oh hi there motivation, yes kick me up the arse! I need to lose these feelings and I need to lose them fast! Good morning to the sunshine, I love your sparkly rays. I think I'll go outside, and enjoy your heat today. I hear you singing little birds, can I whistle to your song?... Continue Reading →

No Trust No Love

I'll never experience a real love. I'm just too broken and twisted. I had a chance or two before, but unfortunately I missed it! I killed all the potential loves, As I feel I am not worthy. These people could never fall in love with the likes of me! Those times a person reached out,... Continue Reading →

Dear Patient

Hey dear patient, can you be patient? Seriously, you'll just have to wait. Yes your results are disconcerting but we're pushing back the date. Oh, you've been deathly sick before, but then you're used to this? I mean you could be at the last stages, but what's a week to be missed? If you need... Continue Reading →

Wretched Rumours.

I'm so bloody angry. Why do you let me down? When you do this sort of shit it leaves me with a frown! You think it's ok to play to your own rules. You pissed a lot of people off, taking them for fools. You don't take responsibility for any wrong doing. Your childish antics... Continue Reading →

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