An other honest entry

It's creeping up on me more and more Every day. I thought I was getting better but the pain and anxiety is clawing deeper into my soul. I don't know what's bringing it on but I'm waking up every other night gasping for air, heart pounding, vice clutching pressure on my chest. My jaw stiffens... Continue Reading →

Panic to Death

I had a month or two with some kind of break, but this last week it's hard to just wake. Wrapped up in my blankets so warm, my eyes flicker open and the tele is on. Festive apparel plasters the screen. I'm supposed to fill with a fuzzy feeling. But I can't bring my self... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Train.

Your shadowy figure lingers close. Your ghastly stench right under my nose. My heart is pounding quickly with fear, by the sound of your whispers close to my ear. Your presence creepy, evil and rough, making my body subzero to touch. The metallic aroma surrounding my mouth, filling the rest of my body with doubt.... Continue Reading →

Right in the middle of it!

It has been an other few weeks of doubt and anguish, and not because I'm in physical pain or have been overly ill. However it's the mental anguish that torments so many of us! We all deal with pain in different ways. Some inflict pain with the use of drugs, drink even food. Others actually... Continue Reading →

Alright Already.

I really want to be left alone, sick and tired of needing to be looked after. You wouldn't think that I was thirty one, whilst I am constantly being watched over. For goodness sake it's been two years of agony and pain, and even though I've finished treatment it's all starting up again. A pinch... Continue Reading →


I was given a second chance. My life began again. Then it was grabbed from under me and now all I feel is pain. The doctors smile politely as I greet them pale and grey. They talk of medication, cures and instructions I must obey. They fill me with poison that kills the poison killing... Continue Reading →

Short not sweet!

Scary little water cascading down your face. Induce claticismic fear and your heart beings to race. Passing out upon the floor as to slow your pace. Hollow and unfeeling that has left a bitter taste. Crawling through the night, lost in a forgetful haze. Struggling through the filth and doing so for days. Exhaustion fills... Continue Reading →


I hear you breath, not far away. I hear you scrambling around today. I hear you hunt to find your prey. I hear you but ignore you anyway. I smell the corroding flesh upon your bones. I smell the stench of the last place you roamed. I smell the blood that you last had. I... Continue Reading →

Arguing with Anxiety

I feel sick and my body is shaking. It's not a cold or flu. All of my insides are aching. Now I can't breathe too. Unfortunately I know what's coming. But it will not stop. That's right stick concrete down my throat. Then stack up bricks on top. The rational side is slowly fading. My... Continue Reading →

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