A very honest entry.

Do you ever have those conflicting feelings? For instance I hate the way I look right now because I'm fat and disgusting. However I have a massive urge to stuff my face with carbs and dairy, also sushi but I always crave sushi! I'm not actually stuffing my face but I am fantasizing about a... Continue Reading →

Our Nan our Angel.

Lovely angel high up in the sky, don't threat about us with our tears streaming by. Yes we miss your wonderful smile and we know we won't see you for a while. But we know you're up there dancing with grandad, so we try to smile and not be sad. We remember you the glue... Continue Reading →


I was given a second chance. My life began again. Then it was grabbed from under me and now all I feel is pain. The doctors smile politely as I greet them pale and grey. They talk of medication, cures and instructions I must obey. They fill me with poison that kills the poison killing... Continue Reading →

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