A very honest entry.

Do you ever have those conflicting feelings? For instance I hate the way I look right now because I'm fat and disgusting. However I have a massive urge to stuff my face with carbs and dairy, also sushi but I always crave sushi! I'm not actually stuffing my face but I am fantasizing about a... Continue Reading →

Party (Ch12)

This is a fictional story. Chapter 12 of 'Death of a Teddy' It was the big night, and the flat was a buzz. I was excited. We would get them at last. I anxiously waited for Jack to arrive, whilst downstairs the party rocking into the night. 20's and 30's of people squeezed into a... Continue Reading →


Don't touch that, you haven't earned it. You see all of this is mine! I paid for that. You'd better learn miss, I've spent my blood, sweat, tears and time. All of this lovely metropolis and no I will not share. The house, the car, especially my money all mine I do not care. Even... Continue Reading →

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