May I ask you a question? You would think I was making this up! How many times a week do scammers try their luck? More than once a week, I have an other say, "Hello! I think you're really pretty and theres more I'd like to know." Ok, that sounds innocent and like I'm paranoid.... Continue Reading →


The lost

The trapped are calling me, screaming out my name. Hands over my ears, I try to hide from guilt and shame. They're trying to convince me that I am just the same. These problems self inflicted, only got myself to blame. I can feel their heartache, I can feel their pain. The blood of the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Play!

What is it about these scandalous little dudes? Sending romantic messages like, 'I love you.' I don't mean to be ungrateful, but I am flattered in no way. What scam have you got going? I've no time for silly games! You say you think me pretty, I'll agree with you there. But then you tell... Continue Reading →

Who asked for your stupid opinion?

Well, well, well. Lookie here! Did you lose your way my dear? I think you'll find you dont belong! Your size? Well, theres just something wrong. We cater for those who look their best. Smaller sizes dear. Not all the rest. You wouldn't want to accentuate that fat. Honestly dear. No one wants that. Well... Continue Reading →


Are you the kind of person to soak up peoples energy? Other peoples problems don't matter? It's just me, me, me, me, me! Do you praise them when they do all they can for you? But once, they can not be there. So you flush them down the loo? Well, if any of the above... Continue Reading →

User, loser!

You're a user, friend abuser, a complete, bloody loser. You call me, inconveniently, asking, "Where are you honey?" Its not ok, I'm far away, no favours done for you today. For several weeks, I won't be home, so please dont pester me on the phone. I'm tired of being bled. GO ask ya many lovers... Continue Reading →

Can One Go Mad Waiting?

The results are back, but we've no information to give. The tests were neither negative nor positive. You'll have to wait another six weeks. Lets hope it's only a minor disease? Sorry you're now an insomniac, once again riddled with panic attacks. We promise to get to the bottom of this. Do try not to hissy fit!... Continue Reading →

Screw you Chaos Monster

I've been feeling cloudy, light the past couple days, However, I can feel the jitters flowing through my veins. Recently I am learning to fight those nasties off, But the anxiety is fire and I'm an intrigued moth. The flames, bright and shiny, I struggle through the maze, I try to stay on this side,... Continue Reading →

Mothers Day.

Hey there wonder woman, just a message to say. You are the strongest most hardworking person, can I spoil you today? You've been there constantly, the most fabulous shoulder to cry on. I hope I can return the favour whenever there's something wrong? You, washed and clothed and fed us, kept a roof over our... Continue Reading →


The phrase 'Fatphobic' really grinds my gears. I mean I'm fat and I don't want to claim the phrase. Who the fuck has a phobia of fat people? Is it that you have a phobia that one day we'll get so hungry that we'll just start eating people? Are you scared that I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Diet and Exercise

Oh gosh I need some exercise, I need to lose this tum! It's not like i can just get up and go out for lovely a run. Walking has its difficulties, mere metres can I go? If I can not exercise, my weight will surely grow? I'll cut down on my calories, eat my fruit... Continue Reading →


Oh hi there motivation, yes kick me up the arse! I need to lose these feelings and I need to lose them fast! Good morning to the sunshine, I love your sparkly rays. I think I'll go outside, and enjoy your heat today. I hear you singing little birds, can I whistle to your song?... Continue Reading →

No Trust No Love

I'll never experience a real love. I'm just too broken and twisted. I had a chance or two before, but unfortunately I missed it! I killed all the potential loves, As I feel I am not worthy. These people could never fall in love with the likes of me! Those times a person reached out,... Continue Reading →

Dear Patient

Hey dear patient, can you be patient? Seriously, you'll just have to wait. Yes your results are disconcerting but we're pushing back the date. Oh, you've been deathly sick before, but then you're used to this? I mean you could be at the last stages, but what's a week to be missed? If you need... Continue Reading →

Wretched Rumours.

I'm so bloody angry. Why do you let me down? When you do this sort of shit it leaves me with a frown! You think it's ok to play to your own rules. You pissed a lot of people off, taking them for fools. You don't take responsibility for any wrong doing. Your childish antics... Continue Reading →

Do me wrong.

This is not my story, but it is for so many people! Sometimes one person in the relationship takes the other for granted. Men and women can be equally ghastly and this is why I have not put a gender to either party. If your partner starts to do things that are dangerous, GET OUT!!!... Continue Reading →

Making it to 100!

Please don't come back. I don't want round three. You've shattered my bones, brought me to my knees. Infiltrated my entire being, tried to break me with your deadly, disease. I'm lost, I'm sore, I'm ultra fatigued, to do this again is more than just mean. Monstrous creation, hear my plea. Die down now and... Continue Reading →

Run Away

Too much is happening, I want to run away. I really don't think there is any reason for me to stay? Death is around the corner, every place I look. Am I the Grimm Reaper? Seriously, I'm shook! I didn't think my thirties, would be my morbid years?! Sweat inducing calamities, and nightmarish fears. Maybe... Continue Reading →


The lights fickered on, streaming into her eyes. Salty, water drops, dripped slowly on to her lips. She scoured the room, but the objects were completely unrecognizable. Chains decorated the ceiling, blood splatter, plastered the walls. Instantaneously, her heart began to gyrate inside her chest. She tried to move, but felt glued into place. Hastily... Continue Reading →

You don’t know!

Good morning, let me wake you up and preach to you my way. Although I've never had Cancer, I'm going to teach you the cure today! You must do all these spiritual things, never mind the medicine. These things here will cure your ails and strengthen your broken skeleton! I know you've had it once... Continue Reading →


Tears streamed down her face as she was hit with the realization that no one could hear her. She felt like she was screaming out in pain, but instead the hurt just hid, burried deep inside. She tried to dig her way back out, clawing at anything she could. However the harder she looked, the... Continue Reading →

An Other Appointment. Scan 50.

Good morning patient, how you doing there? If you wait a moment, I'll wheel in your chair. Don't worry about the ruckus, by the pissed off able ones. I promise to get to you, as soon as they're done! Ok then patient, thank you for waiting. But why are you sitting there, sweating and shaking?... Continue Reading →

Stalker, creep.

"Excuse me, hi. How do you do? I'd like to say I'm attracted to you. Your inviting smile and sparkling eyes. May I take you for a drink, or maybe a bite?" "How polite you are, well yes you can! It's nice to be accosted by a gentleman. Someone grown up, not pushy or demanding.... Continue Reading →

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