Who asked for your stupid opinion?

Well, well, well. Lookie here! Did you lose your way my dear? I think you'll find you dont belong! Your size? Well, theres just something wrong. We cater for those who look their best. Smaller sizes dear. Not all the rest. You wouldn't want to accentuate that fat. Honestly dear. No one wants that. Well... Continue Reading →


Are you the kind of person to soak up peoples energy? Other peoples problems don't matter? It's just me, me, me, me, me! Do you praise them when they do all they can for you? But once, they can not be there. So you flush them down the loo? Well, if any of the above... Continue Reading →

User, loser!

You're a user, friend abuser, a complete, bloody loser. You call me, inconveniently, asking, "Where are you honey?" Its not ok, I'm far away, no favours done for you today. For several weeks, I won't be home, so please dont pester me on the phone. I'm tired of being bled. GO ask ya many lovers... Continue Reading →

Can One Go Mad Waiting?

The results are back, but we've no information to give. The tests were neither negative nor positive. You'll have to wait another six weeks. Lets hope it's only a minor disease? Sorry you're now an insomniac, once again riddled with panic attacks. We promise to get to the bottom of this. Do try not to hissy fit!... Continue Reading →

Screw you Chaos Monster

I've been feeling cloudy, light the past couple days, However, I can feel the jitters flowing through my veins. Recently I am learning to fight those nasties off, But the anxiety is fire and I'm an intrigued moth. The flames, bright and shiny, I struggle through the maze, I try to stay on this side,... Continue Reading →

Mothers Day.

Hey there wonder woman, just a message to say. You are the strongest most hardworking person, can I spoil you today? You've been there constantly, the most fabulous shoulder to cry on. I hope I can return the favour whenever there's something wrong? You, washed and clothed and fed us, kept a roof over our... Continue Reading →


The phrase 'Fatphobic' really grinds my gears. I mean I'm fat and I don't want to claim the phrase. Who the fuck has a phobia of fat people? Is it that you have a phobia that one day we'll get so hungry that we'll just start eating people? Are you scared that I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Diet and Exercise

Oh gosh I need some exercise, I need to lose this tum! It's not like i can just get up and go out for lovely a run. Walking has its difficulties, mere metres can I go? If I can not exercise, my weight will surely grow? I'll cut down on my calories, eat my fruit... Continue Reading →

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