Hardly Aware

Flying Going on holiday. Fly on the plane. This vessel is filled with fear, so insane! I'm nervous and feel sick! Yet the outcome is fun. But if anything goes wrong, I can't up an run! Stuck with panic, but also with glee. These conflicting emotions are messing with me! Take tablets to get there,... Continue Reading →

Melting into Nothing

My motivations lacking, Anxiety is stacking, Panic is attacking, Let me out this door! I feel like somethings stabbing, It's all very alarming, The collapse is starting, Pool of blood upon the floor! I begin convulsing, Nerves violently pulsing, I'm turning into nothing, My brain is oh so sore! Why are they just watching, Instead... Continue Reading →

Thunder Cloud

There's a thunder cloud hovering above me, positioned to strike, at any moment! It threatens to pierce electricity straight through me. It is a Fierce opponent! Slowly, I stroll through the Valley of the Unknown, and turn the corner of Riddled With Symptoms. The aches and pains jerk rapidly, dancing together, in disharmonic rhythm. Sickness... Continue Reading →


I don't know what the matter is, I'm truly confused. The touch of an other doesn't do what it should. During, and after I feel dirty and used. Even if the lover did all that they could. I would drink a few bottles, to get rid of the guilt. Change the horrid, emotions a damaged... Continue Reading →

It’s coming!

I can hear It calling my name, the turbulent groans, claw through my ears. It's vibration, a crippling pain. Horrific enough to bring me to tears. Although out of sight, I feel It's gargantuan terror! Trying my best to get up and fight, but feel I'll be paralyzed forever. The crunching of leaves crushed under... Continue Reading →

Easter Feast

Good evening, to one and all, the Easter Bunny has heard your call. Hop! He comes with eggs galore, and some sweet, red, stuff for us to pour? Messy, Bunny! It's all over your mouth. It's dripping down, in copious amounts! Come here Bunny, let me see. Hold on, that red sauce isn't sweet? My,... Continue Reading →

Did I Do That?

Clouds forming, Skies are grey. I'm cosy in bed, Inside I shall stay! Pyjamas are on, No time to play. Fog starts to form, Lets induce disarray. I watch it collapse, Disorder takes over. Hastily running, They burn from the shower. The droplets are boiling, I watch them turn sour. Their skin melting off, Death... Continue Reading →

I Miss It!

I like eating, I can do that, I like drinking, I can still do that. Don't care much for sex, but yeah let's tick that one off too. But do you know what I can't do? Something I was really good at and I don't mean just throwing some shapes on the dance floor; I... Continue Reading →

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