Oi, I’m on Fire!

Its heating up in here, someone turn the dile down! Its so hot my skin is crying, pouring sweat upon my brow! My insides are flaming, I swear I could breathe fire. A dragon in heat and temperament, all this is rather dire! A sheet of burning flames dance upon my skin. My mind is... Continue Reading →


Sobering Up!

I hate myself, I'm sobering up. The poison hurts, I give a fuck. I need to cry, I need a hug. Stash that shit, under a rug. Got the shakes, the jitter bug. No life here, just grief, no love! Why do i do this? I feel so rough! This is shit, I'm such a... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Rainbow

Multicolored sponges attack me in my sleep. Seeping into me, frustration seems to creep. Burnt oranges and fiery reds splattered on a canvas. Too familiar a feeling, provoking the madness. I spiral closer into the murky depths, soiled browns and ashen grey take hold of my breath. I struggle with my mind, a battle to... Continue Reading →

We The Soulless

Shadows casting, Winter's laughing, Darkness is on it's way. Broken bottles, Car throttles, The air is ashen, grey. Claustrophobic, Can't breathe, feel sick, Spread disease today. Hell froze over. Demonic chauffeur, Releasing poision spray. The dead are dancing, Masquerading as the living, They will use our bones. We the soulless, Limp and loveless, We'll be... Continue Reading →

Racing through

Monsters approaching, terrors in your eyes. You're not quite complete, it's something I recognise. Screeching, sqaurking, cacophony, howling in your ears. Chants so haunting, it will bring you to tears. Suddenly, symptoms, a fever takes a hold. Shivers, lingering, and you're forever cold! Racing through insanity, lost you have become. Remember to pace yourself, forever... Continue Reading →


Six nights and seven days in Spain. Come out sunshine, disappear the rain. Drink all the sangria, stain lips with rioja, I'll be the most ecstatic holiday monster! Cocktails by the pool, sun in my face. No worries in the world, on the sun lounger I'll laze. Fill myself with seafood, paella galore. Won't want... Continue Reading →

Melting into Nothing

My motivations lacking, Anxiety is stacking, Panic is attacking, Let me out this door! I feel like somethings stabbing, It's all very alarming, The collapse is starting, Pool of blood upon the floor! I begin convulsing, Nerves violently pulsing, I'm turning into nothing, My brain is oh so sore! Why are they just watching, Instead... Continue Reading →

It’s coming!

I can hear It calling my name, the turbulent groans, claw through my ears. It's vibration, a crippling pain. Horrific enough to bring me to tears. Although out of sight, I feel It's gargantuan terror! Trying my best to get up and fight, but feel I'll be paralyzed forever. The crunching of leaves crushed under... Continue Reading →

Who asked for your stupid opinion?

Well, well, well. Lookie here! Did you lose your way my dear? I think you'll find you dont belong! Your size? Well, theres just something wrong. We cater for those who look their best. Smaller sizes dear. Not all the rest. You wouldn't want to accentuate that fat. Honestly dear. No one wants that. Well... Continue Reading →

Can One Go Mad Waiting?

The results are back, but we've no information to give. The tests were neither negative nor positive. You'll have to wait another six weeks. Lets hope it's only a minor disease? Sorry you're now an insomniac, once again riddled with panic attacks. We promise to get to the bottom of this. Do try not to hissy fit!... Continue Reading →

Wretched Rumours.

I'm so bloody angry. Why do you let me down? When you do this sort of shit it leaves me with a frown! You think it's ok to play to your own rules. You pissed a lot of people off, taking them for fools. You don't take responsibility for any wrong doing. Your childish antics... Continue Reading →

I’m the real her!

This is a second part to the poem, 'The Other Me' I actually got inspiration for this one through music and when I perform it (to myself) I actually rap the words. Whilst I can see it works as a rap I can not! Any way I hope you guys enjoy it?! I'm raging inside... Continue Reading →

Monster in my mind

I don't know why this is happening? I don't want to die! But lately I've been contemplating, my own suicide. Got that tricky demon whispering, living in my mind. Make the world swallow me whole, I really want to hide! It tells me lots of lies, to make me think I'm bad. Makes me think... Continue Reading →

The other me

I don't trust myself? I turn into someone else! I don't know what she does. She scares away the love. I don't like it when she takes over, she has me constantly looking over my shoulder. You'd think I be able to control her, now I'm that much bloody older? But she's scary, and very... Continue Reading →

The haunting sounds of winter.

An orchestra of weather beat on the windowpane. The howling of the wind pliè and flying through the leaves. Thrashing fiercely on the glass, I hear the pouring rain. The haunting sounds of winter entertaining me. The darkness blankets the entirety of outside. Glistening diamonds, decorate the sky. A harem of angels singing in the... Continue Reading →

Note of appreciation.

Hey lovely person. Thank you for making me feel special. A person hasn't done this in such a long time. And I'm sorry if I seem a little offish since you were so sweet, but you see this is all foreign to me. I was under the impression that I was to look pretty but... Continue Reading →

21 again.

Oh, if I was 21 again, I would do things so differently. If I was 21 again, I would do life so much better! I would leave the heathen I lived with. Not let him hurt me ever! I was young, in love and not so very clever. I'd start doing the things I loved... Continue Reading →

Randoms at the Door.

There we go again. Randoms at the door. It's happening so much again, it's hard to ignore. But if I react or answer it, I know things will get worse. Its like living in this flat of mine is just a massive curse. The people who have been here before, frequent when they're drunk. Only... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Elf.

Things were approaching normal again. The mainstream, just in sight. I even went on date yesterday and I had a lovely night. I went to bed all content, and wrapped up all in joy. Well, until my anxiety popped up, just to annoy! "For goodness sake anxiety, why can't you let me be?" "Well I... Continue Reading →

Haunted Sleepover

This is actually based on a true story. My memory of the fact is slightly fuzzy, but I remember this happening and it still haunts me to this day. She had mentioned something before, said he didn't like me! Told me to be careful when I fell asleep. So as the night ended I finished... Continue Reading →

Back to School (Ch15)

This is a fictional story. Chapter 15 of 'Death of a Teddy' FINAL CHAPTER! For the first time in forever we all woke up feeling relief. Those two precious creatures, their faces happily riddled with disbelief. The smell of bacon wafting through the halls and climbing up the stairs, inviting us all to rush down... Continue Reading →

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