Thirty two, Still Single, Still Fat and Very Menopausal

Chapter 2 Dating. I tried to love, now that I'm living. But I've changed too much, and it's not forgiving. I've been on dates, even fumbled around. But I'm being stalked by a nagging sound. "You, my dear have wrinkles, you don't look too clever. All of those steroids made you fatter than ever. If... Continue Reading →


Used to…

I used to be so beautiful, but now I crack the mirror. No longer can I walk out proud, might as well just collect dinner! I used smile at passers by and they'd reciprocate. However, people tend to shy away from me of late. I used to have dark, long, wavy, hair, reaching to my... Continue Reading →


I don't know if it's lack of motivation, sadness or both, but I haven't got the energy to people today. The thing is it's happening more and more, it's become completely normal, and I know that's not ok! However it's easy to collapse in this pit of despair, harder to claw your way back to... Continue Reading →

My new face.

I just looked in the mirror and didn't recognise my reflection. When did I get an old ladies complexion? When did my eyes start to look this tired? When did these turn up, these wrinkles all wired? Why when I frown, do lines decorate my face? Grey hairs sprinkled all over the place! Why when... Continue Reading →


Oh my, I am overcome with ugliness today. Tears cascade down my cheeks longing for a change. Sickness bubbles in the pit of my gut. Burning my soul on the way up. Wallowing in self doubt and lotheable pity. Wishing once again that I could be pretty. Watching the beauties on show before me, looking... Continue Reading →

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