I feel a fire in the pit of my stomach, feels like a volcano ready to erupt. So many things irk and frustrate me, causing me to be brash and abrupt. My body brewing and violently shaking, a thirst for blood that grows inside. The longing to release the beast in me, my body hungry... Continue Reading →


You my friend are ever so lucky. You got looks, health and lots of money. I'm watching you brush your long luscious hair and all I can do is stand and stare. Beautiful you with tons of charisma, breaking taboos on all kinds of stigma. I'll keep you close my dearest friend, be your cheerleader... Continue Reading →


Don't touch that, you haven't earned it. You see all of this is mine! I paid for that. You'd better learn miss, I've spent my blood, sweat, tears and time. All of this lovely metropolis and no I will not share. The house, the car, especially my money all mine I do not care. Even... Continue Reading →


This is the shortest poem I have written so far, its supposed to represent a half assed attempt because of laziness. (SLOTH) I lay in bed all night and day. The sun comes up then fades away. For 22 hours of the day. I am completely stationary. I live downstairs, where everything is. Kitchen, toilet,... Continue Reading →


This one freaked me out as I got to the middle, I think I channelled my inner vampire. I also think the reason it gets quite vile is because as an individual I don't like to be touched. Be warned if you're reading this, some might find it upsetting?! I'm ravenous? I want to taste... Continue Reading →

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