F is for Faboulous A is for Admirable T is for Thicc G is for Godess I is for Inspirational R is for Ravishing L is for Life of the Party S is for Sexy as Hell

Posted for the world to see.

This is not a true event for me, but is for a lot of people and we need to stop the disgusting creeps spreading private media when it's not needed! Lives have been lost because of it. IT HAS TO STOP!!! I woke today the same as before and typically picked up my phone. Checking... Continue Reading →


I am the ultimate NO.1. The Queen, the Tzar, the fucking Don. Dressed so sharp I'll cut through you like butter. Swag is on point, there's no need to stutter. I am the best and no one can touch me! Everyone wants what I have so I'm not free. Climbing as fast as they can... Continue Reading →

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