My blood feels hot! A kettle boiling, almost overflowing. I try not to let it spill. Mind is racing, forever pacing, and I just can't keep still. A multitude of emotions, amalgamate a potion, change the way I feel. Lost and broken, so many words unspoken, these feelings can't be real?

Hardly Aware

Flying Going on holiday. Fly on the plane. This vessel is filled with fear, so insane! I'm nervous and feel sick! Yet the outcome is fun. But if anything goes wrong, I can't up an run! Stuck with panic, but also with glee. These conflicting emotions are messing with me! Take tablets to get there,... Continue Reading →

Melting into Nothing

My motivations lacking, Anxiety is stacking, Panic is attacking, Let me out this door! I feel like somethings stabbing, It's all very alarming, The collapse is starting, Pool of blood upon the floor! I begin convulsing, Nerves violently pulsing, I'm turning into nothing, My brain is oh so sore! Why are they just watching, Instead... Continue Reading →

Thunder Cloud

There's a thunder cloud hovering above me, positioned to strike, at any moment! It threatens to pierce electricity straight through me. It is a Fierce opponent! Slowly, I stroll through the Valley of the Unknown, and turn the corner of Riddled With Symptoms. The aches and pains jerk rapidly, dancing together, in disharmonic rhythm. Sickness... Continue Reading →


I've started the Menopause. No periods, it's great! Yet, there are a few things, that I bloody hate! Now, I've been an emotional one, for most of my days. But, I'm tearing up at everything, and this is not ok! I'm experiencing discomfort, so my brain turns to rage! Actually I'm like that loads, when... Continue Reading →


Waiting, Anticipating, Shaking, Afraid! I don't want to do this infusion today! Horrified, Terrified, Really, Scared! I'm still in pain. But I was prepared! Unfair, Typical, Would you believe it?! I took all my medicine, but still feel like shit! Tired, Fatigued, Damn right exhausted! Feeling all sorts of, nauseated! Can't wait, Taxi! Take me... Continue Reading →

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