Thirty two, Still Single, Still Fat and Very Menopausal

Chapter 2 Dating. I tried to love, now that I'm living. But I've changed too much, and it's not forgiving. I've been on dates, even fumbled around. But I'm being stalked by a nagging sound. "You, my dear have wrinkles, you don't look too clever. All of those steroids made you fatter than ever. If... Continue Reading →


Stalker, creep.

"Excuse me, hi. How do you do? I'd like to say I'm attracted to you. Your inviting smile and sparkling eyes. May I take you for a drink, or maybe a bite?" "How polite you are, well yes you can! It's nice to be accosted by a gentleman. Someone grown up, not pushy or demanding.... Continue Reading →


"Come here young lady. Where are you off to?" "I'm just off to see my friends sir, what about you?" "I was just going for a stroll, do you need some company?" "No thank you, I'm nearly there sir. I don't need you to walk with me." "But you're alone on the street, I think... Continue Reading →

Fair game

Has anything happened in your adult life, that made you instantly regress back to childhood? That frightened and unsure state of mind that eventually lead to you being misunderstood. Where people think you're the one overreacting, because they're too intoxicated. But hold on I'm the child here, why with these people are we affiliated? Why... Continue Reading →


This one freaked me out as I got to the middle, I think I channelled my inner vampire. I also think the reason it gets quite vile is because as an individual I don't like to be touched. Be warned if you're reading this, some might find it upsetting?! I'm ravenous? I want to taste... Continue Reading →

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