My walk through the forest.

Tiptoe, I creep through twig and twine, what was once green, now brown and ashey, grey. Through the enchanted forest, I follow the singing wind and natures sway. The leaves left after death, whirling in a brittle haze. The ashey bushes twist and wind into an impossible maze. Lost, I manoeuvre aimlessly, unaware of my... Continue Reading →

Girlfriend vow.

Gliding down the marble steps, gown in hand and mask on head. The music fills the room so grand, and I the fairest in the land. Bequeath onto you a knightly honor, train you well so you're not a goner. Fierce and strong a warrior you'll be, then you'll be betrothed to me. A fairytale... Continue Reading →

Masquerade Ball

I go to my happy place, and grin from ear to ear. Although it's just inside my head, I need to interfere. I picture an idealic me, in a sweetheart, burgandy gown. My brunette hair in a half bun and the rest a meter off the ground. The clashing waves of my hair, cascading down... Continue Reading →

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