Stalker, creep.

"Excuse me, hi. How do you do? I'd like to say I'm attracted to you. Your inviting smile and sparkling eyes. May I take you for a drink, or maybe a bite?" "How polite you are, well yes you can! It's nice to be accosted by a gentleman. Someone grown up, not pushy or demanding.... Continue Reading →


Happy for Once.

He made my anxiety completely disappear. Just by holding me close and talking nonsense all night. Snuggled up, his arms a blanket, wrapped round my body. He reassured me with kisses on my face, and I feel light. Our fingers intertwined as we lay on the bed. Just words and kisses. We do that normal... Continue Reading →

Date Night

Erratic, pounding, bursting from my chest. How can one evening make you such a mess? Throat feels swollen, it's kind of closing up. It's date number 2, I can'tbelieve my luck? Yes its good nerves, but still it makes me sick and my stomach is tied up in knots. I feel like I'm floating, but... Continue Reading →

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