Sleepy Head

What are you there, lurking under my bed? All I am is a sleepy head. I mean you no harm, so please leave me be. I'm good and kind, just watch you'll see. What troubles you so, could I help, maybe? Hey, I can still see you, why won't you speak? Please MR come from... Continue Reading →

We The Soulless

Shadows casting, Winter's laughing, Darkness is on it's way. Broken bottles, Car throttles, The air is ashen, grey. Claustrophobic, Can't breathe, feel sick, Spread disease today. Hell froze over. Demonic chauffeur, Releasing poision spray. The dead are dancing, Masquerading as the living, They will use our bones. We the soulless, Limp and loveless, We'll be... Continue Reading →


Shh! I hear it scuttling toward us, We should not breathe until it passes. Try not to move, nor twitch or fuss, For it shall be both our arses. It's stench so dense, A more vulgar, manure. Pass out from the horror? Just a whiff is torture, pure! It's heaving, snarling, Crawling, along the walls.... Continue Reading →


May I ask you a question? You would think I was making this up! How many times a week do scammers try their luck? More than once a week, I have an other say, "Hello! I think you're really pretty and theres more I'd like to know." Ok, that sounds innocent and like I'm paranoid.... Continue Reading →

The lost

The trapped are calling me, screaming out my name. Hands over my ears, I try to hide from guilt and shame. They're trying to convince me that I am just the same. These problems self inflicted, only got myself to blame. I can feel their heartache, I can feel their pain. The blood of the... Continue Reading →

Stalker, creep.

"Excuse me, hi. How do you do? I'd like to say I'm attracted to you. Your inviting smile and sparkling eyes. May I take you for a drink, or maybe a bite?" "How polite you are, well yes you can! It's nice to be accosted by a gentleman. Someone grown up, not pushy or demanding.... Continue Reading →

My walk through the forest.

Tiptoe, I creep through twig and twine, what was once green, now brown and ashey, grey. Through the enchanted forest, I follow the singing wind and natures sway. The leaves left after death, whirling in a brittle haze. The ashey bushes twist and wind into an impossible maze. Lost, I manoeuvre aimlessly, unaware of my... Continue Reading →

The right to my name!

Hot, blisters in the pit of my stomach, hellfire engulfs my flesh. Deeper and deeper I descend into darkness. Chaos about to burst from my chest. Further and further I crash through the pit, smashing into obstacles along the way. Razor blade objects cut through my soul, ripping, slicing and chipping away. I can see... Continue Reading →

To the monster in my nightmares

Please stop tapping on the window, you can't come in. I'm trying to sleep and your interfering. I want to dream wonderful things, get away from reality. You're here every night, why are you stalking me? What are you doing here, what do you want? Shall I write 'STAY OUT' on the window in big... Continue Reading →

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