One Minute to the Next

I'm craving human inimacy. Don't Fucking touch me bro! Why doesn't anyone like me? Erm, what you looking at though? I need to eat more healthily! Dinner is fried food with cheese. Be serious, why are you so silly? Could you lighten the mood, please? I need a right ol knees up! Go away, I... Continue Reading →



I'm nervous,I'm nauseous.It's chaos,I'm cautious!Don't trust it,don't want it.Don't stay here,run from it!Smack,there you have it,Stuck,inside this shit!I'm losing,forever.A fix,will be never.I'll spiral,I'll sink.I'll gorge,on the drink.More I do,less I think.Nothingness,on the brink!Understanding,is futile!Want saving,denile!Just lose it,you've lost it.Can't grab it,never had it!

Oi, I’m on Fire!

Its heating up in here, someone turn the dile down! Its so hot my skin is crying, pouring sweat upon my brow! My insides are flaming, I swear I could breathe fire. A dragon in heat and temperament, all this is rather dire! A sheet of burning flames dance upon my skin. My mind is... Continue Reading →

Queen of Crappy

I've got no motivation, my body's kinda numb. The only sorta of emotion is, I'm feeling pretty glum! I know what will work, but I'm scared to do it! Every time i do, for days I feel like shit! But, its so boring, I've not been outside for a week. Do I go and buy... Continue Reading →

Inside Out.

Why do I disassociate myself from sexual intimacy? Why when I have intercourse, do I need a drink in me? Where are the desires that I'm supposed to feel? Why does nothing sensual, ever feel real? What's wrong lady, you think maybe its the chemo? Could also be the menopause, it can cause this you... Continue Reading →


MISDIRECTION Back into my bedroom, its for my own protection,slightly more imprisoned, I'm losing my connection.Hide all of the mirrors, say "NO" to my reflection,there's too much damage done, I seep like an infection.The ooze begins to puss, a volcano like eruption,only me, not us, can endure this corruption.Comatose, a dream like state, enter an inception,I thought that I could... Continue Reading →

Hate Thyself

I need to punish myself, hurt myself, cut myself off! Poison is unpredictable, and my soul is lost! My nerves so bad I'm shaking, my head heavy as lead. My spirit constantly breaking, my body cold and dead! I hate myself profusely, I really make me sick. Maybe we should lock me up, poke me... Continue Reading →

Devil’s Hour

What the hell am I doing in the middle of the night? Waking up battered, like I've been in a fight. My head feels fuzzy and I think I blacked out. Smashed on the head, knocked out with a clout! Multicolored sploges, decorate my skin.Claret on the sheets, crusted deep with in.Pillow cases chaosed in... Continue Reading →

Humanity so Broken

What if the most sadistic of us, are the ones most filled with pain? Bombarded with so much empathy, it drives us quite insane? Humanity so broken, hope turns into despair. Untrusted opponents, breathing the same air. The wheels are circling backwards, hatefulness is rife. The ignorance, boils my blood, my only friend a knife.... Continue Reading →

Panic Disorder

What was the trigger? Nothing really happened. Something inside is chocking me! I'm swollen, much bigger, my throat is tight. It's closing in, and I can't breathe! Sweating profusely, cascading droplets of fear. My mind is fractured, rapidly, racing! My chest pounding, ready to tear. My heart aggressively, pulpatating! My bodies is breaking, ready to... Continue Reading →


I'm trying to write something profound, I want to entice you, keep you around. As I look at my screen, there's a block in my head, its rife in here, but creativities dead! I'm trying to take you all on a journey, I try to be pleasant, but I want you to know me. I appreciate all of... Continue Reading →


You're so numb, even alcohol won't hit you? You've tried to be intoxicated, but you're simply immune? Trying to escape, you hope to soon. Your life has lost rhythm, your hearts out of tune! Done wishing for something, anything good! Multiple shadows, divert to the woods. The souls of the heathen, cloaked with hoods. Why... Continue Reading →

When Can We All Be Human?

A monstrous population, demanding segregation. Wishing for the annihilation, of progressive intergration. We are all important races, with differnt colour faces! Inhabiting various places. Sick of the disgraces!!! These 'Old Fashioned' wanksters, negating, that they're gansters. Just, internet trolls and pranksters, some say that its all banter? The best of us will win soon, against,... Continue Reading →


My blood feels hot! A kettle boiling, almost overflowing. I try not to let it spill. Mind is racing, forever pacing, and I just can't keep still. A multitude of emotions, amalgamate a potion, change the way I feel. Lost and broken, so many words unspoken, these feelings can't be real?

Racing through

Monsters approaching, terrors in your eyes. You're not quite complete, it's something I recognise. Screeching, sqaurking, cacophony, howling in your ears. Chants so haunting, it will bring you to tears. Suddenly, symptoms, a fever takes a hold. Shivers, lingering, and you're forever cold! Racing through insanity, lost you have become. Remember to pace yourself, forever... Continue Reading →

Melting into Nothing

My motivations lacking, Anxiety is stacking, Panic is attacking, Let me out this door! I feel like somethings stabbing, It's all very alarming, The collapse is starting, Pool of blood upon the floor! I begin convulsing, Nerves violently pulsing, I'm turning into nothing, My brain is oh so sore! Why are they just watching, Instead... Continue Reading →

Thunder Cloud

There's a thunder cloud hovering above me, positioned to strike, at any moment! It threatens to pierce electricity straight through me. It is a Fierce opponent! Slowly, I stroll through the Valley of the Unknown, and turn the corner of Riddled With Symptoms. The aches and pains jerk rapidly, dancing together, in disharmonic rhythm. Sickness... Continue Reading →

I Miss It!

I like eating, I can do that, I like drinking, I can still do that. Don't care much for sex, but yeah let's tick that one off too. But do you know what I can't do? Something I was really good at and I don't mean just throwing some shapes on the dance floor; I... Continue Reading →

Joker Grin.

Just because you don't understand, doesn't mean its not happening. Just because your soul is free, doesn't mean demons aren't trapping me! Don't tell me to get over myself, you can't feel my anguish. You don't know how you would spiral if you felt like this?! Every day when I wake up, I follow through... Continue Reading →

The lost

The trapped are calling me, screaming out my name. Hands over my ears, I try to hide from guilt and shame. They're trying to convince me that I am just the same. These problems self inflicted, only got myself to blame. I can feel their heartache, I can feel their pain. The blood of the... Continue Reading →

No Trust No Love

I'll never experience a real love. I'm just too broken and twisted. I had a chance or two before, but unfortunately I missed it! I killed all the potential loves, As I feel I am not worthy. These people could never fall in love with the likes of me! Those times a person reached out,... Continue Reading →

Dear Patient

Hey dear patient, can you be patient? Seriously, you'll just have to wait. Yes your results are disconcerting but we're pushing back the date. Oh, you've been deathly sick before, but then you're used to this? I mean you could be at the last stages, but what's a week to be missed? If you need... Continue Reading →

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