I Miss It!

I like eating, I can do that, I like drinking, I can still do that. Don't care much for sex, but yeah let's tick that one off too. But do you know what I can't do? Something I was really good at and I don't mean just throwing some shapes on the dance floor; I... Continue Reading →


I plague thee, with ashen and hellfire. Doomed are the heathens and liars steeped in sin. Lost are the souls, that crave ones flesh. Your hell lies crudely, deep within!


I've started the Menopause. No periods, it's great! Yet, there are a few things, that I bloody hate! Now, I've been an emotional one, for most of my days. But, I'm tearing up at everything, and this is not ok! I'm experiencing discomfort, so my brain turns to rage! Actually I'm like that loads, when... Continue Reading →


Waiting, Anticipating, Shaking, Afraid! I don't want to do this infusion today! Horrified, Terrified, Really, Scared! I'm still in pain. But I was prepared! Unfair, Typical, Would you believe it?! I took all my medicine, but still feel like shit! Tired, Fatigued, Damn right exhausted! Feeling all sorts of, nauseated! Can't wait, Taxi! Take me... Continue Reading →

Joker Grin.

Just because you don't understand, doesn't mean its not happening. Just because your soul is free, doesn't mean demons aren't trapping me! Don't tell me to get over myself, you can't feel my anguish. You don't know how you would spiral if you felt like this?! Every day when I wake up, I follow through... Continue Reading →

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