Agony Aunt

I get a lot of “Babe I’m here if you if you need to talk.”
But, as soon as I open my mouth it’s “Bye!” And off you walk.
You don’t want to hear my woes or anything about me at all.
You just want me ‘Agony Aunt’ to listen to your bull!

I’ve had enough of listening to the same old bloody thing.
“Oh, this man don’t want me.” It’s wearing kinda thin!
“Oh this woman is crazy.” I’m not surprised, dealing with you!
Your nonsense is stressing me out, so please get off now, shoo.

Heres comes some more dribble. “Aww babe you do seem down?
Maybe unload your worries, so that you do not drown?”
I get out but a squeak, and there you go again.
Don’t act like my feelings a valid, just stop the false pretense.

You only ever call me to talk about YOUR drama.
Never happy news, I’m stressed!!! I suppose it must be karma?
But, I don’t know what I did to deserve your fakities?
Stuff you manifest, like your supposed niceties?

Just shut the fuck up now, I’m done with being used.
Bored of you acting like the world is harsh, and it make sure you always lose.
Well I’m turning this shit round, because you are the accused.
Dealing out nothing like love, just anger and more abuse!

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