Not a Catch?

What have I got to bring to the table?
All flabby and fat and well, less able.
Riddled with anxiety, I walk with a stick,
Immunity non existent, I get terribly sick!

Treatment has triggered the menopause early,
all of these mood swings are alien to me.
No one should have to handle all of this crazy,
Ok, I’m alone but at least I am free!

Actually, I’m abloody a catch!
Damn sexy bitch, as matter a fact!
Yeah I have curves, fuck it, yeah I got fat!
Are you accomplished enough to handle that?

I may walk with a stick, but can move when its time to.
I may battle emotions, but boy so do you!
Yes, I can be crazy, with laughter and passion.
You’d should be so lucky, to be the man that I choose!

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