I’m Trying to be Peaceful

I can’t burp, I can’t sneeze, and I’m bearly able to swallow, it’s all very alarming, and it’s driving me round the bend!

I’m trying all my techniques, to the letter I do follow, but today my anxiety is clawing til the end!

I was doing so well, showing signs of progression. I was getting better, I was slowly on the mend!

However, as always, something jump starts my nerves. HEY PRESTO! And cloying pressure becomes the trend!

Stress hits new levels of utter aggrivation, my jaw harshly tightens, my throat hardened cement.

I can’t get comfortable, my bloods boiling over. Panic has possessed me. Chaos: 100 percent!

My brain thinks I’m choking, but I know it’s an illusion. Please, distract me quickly, “Oh a message I should send!”

“Hey normal people.” What’s it like to breathe without disorder? If you can teach me, then I’m sure we’ll be best friends?!

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