I want fried chicken and macaroni cheese!
I’ll get mad if its healthy, take away the salad, please!
Did someone say takeaway, lets get a chinese!
I can’t stop eating, I got a disease!

I’m sad, so some give me some food.
I’m happy, so feed me to celebrate my mood.
I have no will power, and can be rather rude!
Just spit it out? Nah, I swallow after I’ve chewed!

I’m a gluttonous being, that scoffs their face.
Wanna go out? The pub is the place!
I can stuff food whilst I drink, its bloody great!
In actual fact, I’m a complete disgrace!

I just can’t help it, I don’t know why?
And, I get worse, the more that I try?
I’m addicted to food so much, it makes me cry.
This gluttony will be the reason I die!

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