Panic Disorder

What was the trigger?
Nothing really happened.
Something inside is chocking me!
I’m swollen, much bigger,
my throat is tight.
It’s closing in, and I can’t breathe!

Sweating profusely,
cascading droplets of fear.
My mind is fractured, rapidly, racing!
My chest pounding,
ready to tear.
My heart aggressively, pulpatating!

My bodies is breaking,
ready to crack.
I must push myself to fight the panic and fright.
I go all in,
ready to attack!
You won’t get the better of me, tonight!

So come at me,
with all that you have.
I’m ready to bring you to your knees.
You try to switch it up,
but I know your tricks.
You can’t have me forever, I will be free!!!

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