Dear Patient

Hey dear patient, can you be patient? Seriously, you’ll just have to wait. Yes your results are disconcerting but we’re pushing back the date. Oh, you’ve been deathly sick before, but then you’re used to this? I mean you could be at the last stages, but what’s a week to be missed?

If you need treatment we’ll do that for you, but you look ok. I mean if you were collapsing before us, we’d get the result right away. It doesn’t matter you’ve collapsed before, P.E. and cardic arrest. You’ve got your make up on, and who sees the doctor looking their best?

Don’t worry dear, you’ll be fine the tests are precautionary. Yes, you’ve had cancer twice in two years, but surely it won’t be three. Symptoms you say, but that’s a sign you’re getting better. Don’t worry just wait at home and we’ll send you out a letter.

Fester at home in a pit full of worry. You could be dying, but we can’t be hurried. However, please call us if anything comes up. You won’t die with any luck?!

Please do not panic. There is probably nothing to fear? If something more arises then come back here. We’ll do more tests and check you again. Put you back under, you can count back from ten?

Ok, but now please go back home. We’re very busy. Oh you’re alone? Enjoy your journey into the abyss. But rate us high on the appointment please miss.

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