You don’t know!

Good morning, let me wake you up and preach to you my way. Although I’ve never had Cancer, I’m going to teach you the cure today! You must do all these spiritual things, never mind the medicine. These things here will cure your ails and strengthen your broken skeleton!

I know you’ve had it once or twice and chemo killed it dead! But you’re doing it all wrong my dear. Heed this and keep it in your head! You must go vegan, fast, no drink, do not enjoy your life at all. You really should be doing this. Even of you’re terminal!

It will help you in the long run, be sure to suffer while you die. Don’t enjoy anything for the potential last days of your life. Because my way although untested, is the way to go. Do all this holistic stuff, not the tried and tested chemo!

Excuse me sir, but as you haven’t been through this as yet. I think I’ll use the drugs, as twice it’s passed the test. Yes I know you think you’re smart and obviously know best. However I have done this twice, so your shit doesn’t pass MY test.

Further more, could everyone keep their suggestions to themselves, you have no idea, but congratulations on your health! And if it does creep back, like the bastard it is, I will be having chemo. So please shut up, you haven’t a clue. Fuck off and leave me alone!


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