Tears streamed down her face as she was hit with the realization that no one could hear her. She felt like she was screaming out in pain, but instead the hurt just hid, burried deep inside.

She tried to dig her way back out, clawing at anything she could. However the harder she looked, the girl she once was, was harder to find!

Ripping her way through a maze she had been down before, but never so deep. Silently she begged for direction, but this time she was definitely lost.

With a broken heart, she thought back to what went wrong? She had taken her life for granted, and at such a damaging cost.

Never would she see that girl, never would she smile, dance or sing. Never would she touch an other. Never would she do anything!

For she was no longer the girl with the dreams, only nightmares rode along beside her. Only darkness filled her desolate shell. Her soul full of terror!

She could hear the screams, pleading to be let go. She could feel every inch of agony, but no one would ever know.

While the girl is permanently off- course, frightened and unable to breathe. The demon that possess her body, carries on as normal, and that’s what you believe!


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