An Other Appointment. Scan 50.

Good morning patient, how you doing there? If you wait a moment, I’ll wheel in your chair. Don’t worry about the ruckus, by the pissed off able ones. I promise to get to you, as soon as they’re done!

Ok then patient, thank you for waiting. But why are you sitting there, sweating and shaking? Oh you’re nervous, but there is no need. Surely you know what will be, will be?

Time for your medicine, and gigantic injections. Just to prevent any sort of infection. Then you strap into a cylindrical bed. All covered up, from your feet to your head.

Now, don’t move for nearly an hour. Don’t blink, cry or cough, don’t even cower. I know your muscles are ripping and aching. But this complex machine isn’t done with it’s painting.

Oh no, I’m sorry. There was a complication! Don’t worry we’ll just start again dear patient. Even though you have fasted six plus hours. Could you just wait as the machine ‘re powers?

At last we are finished, sorry about all the faults. I know it’s nerve wracking, but it’ll be a week for your results. Yes we have them here, but we’re not qualified dear patient. Please don’t take it out in us, it’s your frustration.

But try not to worry, although you’ve had cancer twice and been though treatment that’s not very nice! If need be we’ll do it for a third time. Then hopefully and finally you will be fine?

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