I resign!

I was pushing through, but my oxygen depleted. I told you all before, I need isolation after meeting. But I let myself get bombarded, with everybody’s woes. So much so, it’s got me ripping at my hair and clothes.

I need my cave now and I need to be left alone. I was taken for an agony aunt, audience for your shows. And now I’ve woken up feeling battered and bruised, well I looked in the mirror and something else has insued?

Cuts and bruises and I know I didn’t fall. I know I didn’t head out and get into a brawl. This is what it does, when I don’t get time alone. This is why I’ve deleted the apps off my phone!

Drained doesn’t even cut it. The way I’m feeling these past few days, it’s worse than shit! Something inside me, punished me for being caring. Show love to the people, but your fears they won’t be sharing.

So I need to tell you all, for now I am done! Might be a day, a week, maybe a month? But I’m completely broken and need to fix myself. Because it’s up to me, and nobody else!


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