Beats of a Broken Drum.

A knock on the door and the beating drums of Jumanji, pound within my chest. I know it’s probably nothing, but there’s something inside me, and it’s such a pest. A tap on the window, I feel the spies and gossips, whispering, confronting me. No. It’s the wind whistling by, for goodness sake Hayley, it’s February!

Never mind! No matter what or who it is, you’re disturbing my peace! The erratic demon inside has awoken and wants to be released. I’ve explained so many times, what it is that cracks my state of mind! Yet you let it slip your ears, so you curse me to be confined!

You expect me to be the protector, the woman I once was. Be your biggest support and be the bad, bitch, boss! But I’m shattered, not just exhausted, but frantic inside. No longer can I be her, the strength I can not find?

I can’t have you screaming in riddles of thunder and rain. Especially when it comes to me, you can’t share the pain! Instead you think you’re the only one in agony. Guess what, your so-called saviour is broken too, she has fallen aswell you see?

So ssshhh, be silent, I’ve heard you a thousand times. You drill in my head, more than I make rhymes! Please, I need my secluded castle, my perfect sanctuary. Because this hell you put us through, is driving me crazy!


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