I’m the real her!

This is a second part to the poem, ‘The Other Me’ I actually got inspiration for this one through music and when I perform it (to myself) I actually rap the words. Whilst I can see it works as a rap I can not! Any way I hope you guys enjoy it?!

I’m raging inside this body, screaming inside her brain. This excruciating feeling, pulsating over and over again.

She denies my existence, but I’m here to set her free. She can fight me all she wants, but in the end we’re gonna be me!

Polite, sheepish, anxious her, stuck inside the house. Crawling back into her cave, like a feeble, little mouse.

Here, take a zip of this, unleash your inner beast. Let’s create a bout of hell, on the earth babies, we shall feast!

Corrupt this body, twist her soul, until I am released. I’m the real player, she’s just flesh, a squishy piece of meat.

Night, night, cowardly, crippled victim, no longer shall you be. Drink this up and feel it flow. Now it’s clear to see.

Watch me rise, while she drastically falls on to her knees. She’ll disappaer, when this power runs right through me.

Violently shaking out of this desolate soul. I’m taking over, I’ve nearly reached my goal.

It’s happening, I can feel the heat. I’m pushing through her skin. I’m in the hot seat.

Rushing to existence, I’m here to shake things up. Makes trouble for you heathens, bring you done with any luck.

You thought you could keep me locked up, keep me away? But sip on that shot once or twice and you can’t keep me at bay.

You know you wronguns did me dirty, now you all shall pay. Welcome to this beastly me, fuck you bitches. Make way!

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