My walk through the forest.

Tiptoe, I creep through twig and twine, what was once green, now brown and ashey, grey. Through the enchanted forest, I follow the singing wind and natures sway. The leaves left after death, whirling in a brittle haze. The ashey bushes twist and wind into an impossible maze.

Lost, I manoeuvre aimlessly, unaware of my final goal, deeper into the darkest maze, I start to lose my soul. I feel it being ripped, out of my willing, desolate, shell. In a clearing, I envisage an old fashioned, stone well.

I peer into the hollow stone, a reflection in the water. A haggered, warn out, feeble thing. It camt be, I’m not her! I chant! “All Darkest Might, I need my beauty, here, tonight! I’ll give my all, my complete being. Oh Darkest one, the All Seeing!”

The water begins to boil and bubble. A magnificent monster forms, bold and wet. “Old woman, why do you summon me? I can’t say that we have met?” “My Soulless Master, it is me, your beloved. The white witch has rendered me such a plight! Would you give me back my beauty, and take revenge with me this night?

“My cruel Dementia, you are disfigured, what heathen would dare do this to you? Come with me my devilish woman, I have something we can do. I promise, we will get her back, devastate her world! For you my dearest, tormented Dementia, are the Devil’s girl!”

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