The right to my name!

Hot, blisters in the pit of my stomach, hellfire engulfs my flesh. Deeper and deeper I descend into darkness. Chaos about to burst from my chest.

Further and further I crash through the pit, smashing into obstacles along the way. Razor blade objects cut through my soul, ripping, slicing and chipping away.

I can see it, the ends getting closer and I feel the claws of the damned! This is it, this is how it finishes. At least I know I’ll go out with a bang!

My mind taken over by a maniacal fever, I am most definitely seeking out mad! Maybe when I lose it, I’ll forget the pain and finally my melancholy shell can be glad?

Oh yes I’m near now. I can taste the stench of the deranged, beastly beings. I start to feel freedom, and I feel the last drop of my humanity leaving!

The rage has a hold of me, it’s taking over. Never will I be the same. No point calling out to rescue me now, only the demons have the right to my name!

This is about descending into madness, not suicide. I just wanted to make that clear!

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