Monster in my mind

I don’t know why this is happening? I don’t want to die! But lately I’ve been contemplating, my own suicide. Got that tricky demon whispering, living in my mind. Make the world swallow me whole, I really want to hide!

It tells me lots of lies, to make me think I’m bad. Makes me think I shouldn’t be around you all, which is very sad. This monster causes such calamity, please get it out of my head. It’s getting rather dangerous! I think it wants me dead?!

It tells me I’ve been gruesome, unruly and untoward. It pokes my nervous system, and I’m not feeling assured! Screams through my shell, demanding a reward, because I’ve not yet succumbed, I’m not yet in a morgue.

Why does it want me to hurt myself, I’ll promise to stay inside! I won’t put my atrocities on the world outside. You’ve beaten me enough now, I don’t have any pride. I don’t have much emotion, I’m even all out of cries.

So please you little devil, don’t make feel this way. Think you could give me a little break today? I’ll keep myself locked up, I’ll throw the key away. In this isolated bubble, I know I must stay!

4 thoughts on “Monster in my mind

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      1. Hi, Glad to hear that. Hope your therapy goes well and you get what you need from him/ her.

        I’m ok thanks. Will be glad when the weather warms up and the sun comes out. Grey Glasgow! There are signs of life in the garden again so hopefully it won’t be too long….

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