When you try.

It’s happened again, I tried to be normal. Every time I move, I nearly fall. My legs are stiff, my bones are broken, the pain in my body had risen and woken.

Stuck in one place for hours and hours, unable to even get washed in the shower. The more I try the harder my life is. I’m really do try though, why am I like this?

I have a day of frolic and fare, but the next day I must beware! Punishment for what people do. Don’t do that coz we’ll hurt you!

So don’t think of leaving your house. Stay in bed, why go out? Drink til you forget your worries and woes. You know that will help your happiness grow!

Pour the JD, dash of coke? Watch your life go up in smoke! All you can do is write your fears, but you know this shit just falls on deaf ears!

People think you’re seeking attention. Are you making us aware, with what you mention?

Well actually no, it’s for others like me. Let them know they don’t have to be lonely! I write for them and I read their lives. It’s a lot to take in, and yes I cry!

But I need them to make me aware, that’s how I know people understand out there. So if you don’t like what I have to write, fuck yourself, go away and have a good night!

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