To the monster in my nightmares

Please stop tapping on the window, you can’t come in. I’m trying to sleep and your interfering. I want to dream wonderful things, get away from reality. You’re here every night, why are you stalking me?

What are you doing here, what do you want? Shall I write ‘STAY OUT’ on the window in big bold font? Will that keep you away, will you leave me alone? You don’t belong here, this isn’t your home!

Nightmares now looming and drawing me in. My lids are closing, let the chaos begin! Instead of relief and dreams of delight, you come to haunt me and hurt me, each night!

My bodies sleeping, but my mind is alert. Suddenly everything is going berserk! I’m running down a pitch, black, street, silently you chase me, all I hear is my feet?

I race as fast as I can for peace, but your stuck fast, right behind me. What will you do when you catch up to my body? I need to run faster, but my legs feel so dodgy.

Oh no, oh shit, oh fuck, oh hell! My legs don’t work and now I’ve fell. I can see your monstrous form and you are completely far from the norm!

Your teeth are as big as my head. Just one bite and I’ll be dead! I feel your breath on top of my skin. You smile at me with a devilish grin.

Your teeth are close now, surely I’m done? Never again will I see the sun? Sharp, jagged edges, sink deep inside. I’m going on my last ever ride.

I’m still awake as you gnaw on my flesh. Why am I witnessing my own death? I feel every bite and smell every metallic morsel, I might still be alive, but this is awful!

Finally you finish your meal and walk away. “WELL I HOPE I WAS VERY TASTY!” I suppose I’ll wake in a pool of my sweat? I wish our conciousness had never met!

I can’t do this every night, I’m so fatigued! Just go back to hell and let me be. You don’t belong in this world, you’re steeped in sin. So, stop tapping on the window, you can’t come in!

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