Masquerade Ball

I go to my happy place, and grin from ear to ear. Although it’s just inside my head, I need to interfere.

I picture an idealic me, in a sweetheart, burgandy gown. My brunette hair in a half bun and the rest a meter off the ground.

The clashing waves of my hair, cascading down my dress, the corset portion of my outfit pushing up my chest.

On my face a mask, shrouding me in mystery. All these opulent things, disguise my misery.

I walk leisurely, descending the stairs in time to classical music. As I reach the bottom, my heart is pounding to it.

A gentleman takes my hand and greets me with his name. Instantly, I fall into his eyes behind the mask, and start a lovesick game.

He wraps his arms around me, as he swings me round the room. My whole being tingles, as I dance and spin and zoom.

Closer he comes, closer to my bee stung lips. Tighter he clasps his hand around my curvy hips.

It’s about to happen, we’re about to kiss! Alas my eyes now open and something is a miss.

I’m no longer in my gown, with my long, luscious hair. The music no longer plays and he isn’t standing there.

Once again, I’ve awoken from my beautiful reverie. I wasn’t at the Masquerade Ball, it was just a fantasy!


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