Used to…

I used to be so beautiful, but now I crack the mirror. No longer can I walk out proud, might as well just collect dinner!

I used smile at passers by and they’d reciprocate. However, people tend to shy away from me of late.

I used to have dark, long, wavy, hair, reaching to my buttocks. Now its unevenly short, stands on end, and leaves me rather flummoxed.

My eyes were bright and full of life, eager to learn to love. Unfortunately, after the stress, they reflect that they’ve had enough!

Enough of trying to do good things, and living a life worth something. The sadness in my eyes right now, show that I’ve lost everything.

The age in my skin all crumpled up, my fat spreading more. My brain wants to starve me, but my tummy wants a war.

So, ever so ugly me, just tries to prod along. Humming and living to my made up melancholy song.

Stuck in my head to remind me, that I’m just some old, fat, ugly being. Smash them mirrors in your house, you won’t like what you’re seeing!


2 thoughts on “Used to…

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  1. Stay strong and hopeful. Don’t let yourself down because you are not doing anything right or productive! Life is too short and what you are doing right now is great. Writing your worst experience and let others know-they’re not the only one. Many of us, in your position. Every day do a little thing which makes you happy and perhaps others too. Little steps can take you long way! We, all, love you and it’s matter of time when things will get better slowly. Take care and cheers xx

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    1. Thank you so much. This has really improved my spirits. Such kind words. I do like to write, and hope people get comfort knowing they’re not alone. Thank you for your comment 🙂


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