No Thanks

I’m not interested. Leave me alone. Please stop calling on the telephone!

I liked you once, but you’ve shown your true colours. Be great to oneself, but fuck all the others.

You’re not a team player. You only know loner. Looking in the mirror, probably gives you a boner.

You love yourself so much its bloody gross. So I don’t want you near me, I don’t want you close.

Here’s some home truths, now listen up! Remember when you called all women sluts?

Said that they’re only good, for fucking and cooking. Wouldn’t go near one if they wasn’t good looking.

A bitch needs to know what her place is. After fellatio NO kiss on the lips!

After she does everything, you’d rather be alone. Playing computer on your sweaty throne.

She cooks, cleans and pleasures you, great. But in the back of your head, you think you’ve made a mistake?

Because you’re holding out for something better. She’s too plain and you’re a go getter.

A few years later, you’re all alone, harassing the same woman on the telephone.

You realised that you couldn’t do better, you’re just shit and she’s the jet setter.

You’re jealous that she goes out and meets with friends. She gets hit on by women and men.

Now that she single, she’s happy and free. You’re crying alone, in a miserable sea.

Because you wasn’t all that, but she loved you anyway. You made many mistakes but still she stayed.

Until you let her go for some other, who ended up leaving your for your brother.

Oh and you think you were the perfect lover. No one came once when you were together.

So I’m happy your lonely, no woman deserves you. Not with the bull shit you put us through.

You thought we were weak, we needed your presence. But we’re actually alright without your nasty essence.

So stay in your cave, all by yourself. I think it’s best for all of our health!


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