Still Rough

The CVID has been in full swing the past few weeks. It only started with a sore throat, but by gosh I’m weak.

It went on to flu and now an infection. My chest is collapsing, please give me some medicine.

The next stage pneumonia, bronchitis, sepsis? This isn’t fair, why should I except this?

The GP constantly mentioning weight. “You’re a big girl Hayley!” Well it’s not something I ate!

It’s a bloody, vile disease, that keeps trying to kill me. I’m not a hypochondriac, I’m not just being silly.

It’s scary and painful but I’ll fight to my fullest. Even though my body feels shot by several bullets.

My back, hips and chest like vices they tighten. My jaw stiffens up, I can’t move and I’m frightened.

But the doctor insists that I am too fat. This is the main problem and that is that!

I call bull shit, I call lies. It’s got nothing to do with cake nor pies.

I’m a warrior fighting this CVID. Doc are you going to hinder, or will you help me?


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