Under the Bed

I heard a scratching from under my bed. Too close for me, right by my head.

The wind whistles and rattles the windows, in time with the noises right down below.

What do I do? Do I face it head on? Close my eyes, hope nothing goes wrong?

It’s not a dream, I’ve definitely woken. Is it my mind, just fractured and broken?

Or is something lurking down there. Waiting for my limbs, to rip and tear.

To sink its teeth into my flesh. How long will I out wait my death?

The longer I wait and close my eyes, the claws scratch louder, like multiple knives.

I feel a vibration from under the bed. I must act now, for I’ll be dead.

I slowly creep to the edge of my bed. Covers still wrapped around my head.

I catch a glimpse of something wild. Images to freak out my inner child.

Suddenly the bed begins to gyrate. I jump clean off in a cautious state.

I tremble, sweat and hide under the table. Heart rapidly beating, my breathing unstable.

Then, I see it crawling out. Small, but scaly, it let’s out a shout.

Moving closer to my unwitting shell. It grabs me, drags me down to hell.

The fire raging, the demons dance. I watch on in terror, a grievous trance.

“You my child are a rotten sinner, so you shall be the mains in our banquet dinner!”

The monsters threw me upon the fire. Licking their lips with pure desire.

I fizzle and swelter and blister and burn, and tomorrow they told me, it’s your turn!

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