Well that took a turn.

I let you corrupt me. Ok I wasn’t a virgin but you took it too far. Our eyes met, and though I was excited I sensed something sinister.

Yet I let myself get taken in, by your deep blue eyes and purly white grin. You stroked my hair and whispered in my ear. I know your past, I’ll take care of you my dear.

Something inside me knew what I was in for. Still I followed you out that door. Like a puppy I chased you to the pits of hell. The more I followed the harder I fell.

I knew you would hurt me, but somehow I stayed. Knowing that you weren’t going to treat me ok. Still I let you do it to me. Something inside me needed you, you see.

No, not you, just some sort of love. Although this was nothing from up above. But a beastly urge to torture from below. I fulfilled your sick little, fucked up show.

The more I loved you, the worse you hurt me. You promised so much at first, so lovingly. Suddenly the crazy started to seep from you. But I stayed by your side like super glue.

So may years you would smash, bang and break me. My skin, my bones, my heart too. Abuse was the only language you’d speak, but still my affection for you grew.

I’ll never let that happen again, not ever. I’d rather slide a knife through your throat. Watch you run red with claret and fear and glide along you like a boat!


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