Panic Attack.

Bish, bosh, bash. You’re under attack! Your heart skips a beat, and you weren’t expecting that!

Smash, bang, wollop, I mean what a load of bollocks? It’s punched you straight through the chest, and on the floor you dollop.

A panic you’ve never experienced just shot through your chest. So much pain, you look down expecting a bloodied vest.

But you’ve not be stabbed, you’ve not been shot. No weapon has been struck upon you, and you’re in shock.

You’re 100% sure you’re about to die, sweat swarms your skin and tears fall from your eyes.

Dizziness takes over and your whole being spins. Your full body completely needles and pins.

As you go to pass out from the stress and the strain. The panic rattles your entire body again.

No rest for the wicked, just hours of worry. But don’t! You’re not gonna die, it’s just anxiety honey!

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