Silky, balls of frozen fluff falling from the sky. I watch you from my window, beautifully glistening in my eye.

Floating down upon the happy people passing by, then heavily you begin to drop, and they all start to cry.

Hurriedly they they scamper around and try to get inside. People in the UK don’t understand you, so they run and hide.

Catastrophe has hailed upon us and we must hunker down, but not before we loot the shops, all over the town.

The monstrous, sub zero, flakes attacks us with sharp edges now. We should fight back but none of us have ever worked out how?

The shelves now bare, bags filled up and doors locked up tight. Get the food on and open the wine, as this is us tonight.

Wish well thoughts to those still battling the pure white terror of night. Fingers crossed, sincerely hoping they will too survive!

So safely we watch, tucked up, waiting for all this to go. Yes you’ve won again, you beat us, gorgeous but dangerous snow.

5 thoughts on “Snow

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  1. The trees were all frosted this morning here in Glasgow. I can’t remember the last time it was like this here. Minus 2 though. Looks great, but I could do with some sunshine. central heating will have to do…hope you’re feeling well today…

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    1. I am feeling a little better. The snow hasn’t quite started here but I know it’s on the way. Im still a little rough so I won’t be going outside anyway. Hope you are well and coping in the snow 🙂

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