Fingers Crossed

I feel too rough to fake it today. I am at zero enegry, even to put on my mask. My body is shaking and my heart palputating and I really can’t be arsed.

My neck and my limbs feel bruised and burnt, my mouth is just on fire. I cough and feel dizzy as soon as I move, my skin it just perspires.

I check my temp, it’s a little low but no reason to freak out. I’m calling the doctors for my results, see what this is all about?

What again will be in-store for fragile, broken me? Or can I for once be restored with a good old cup of tea?

Wish me luck, fingers crossed and all that malarkey. As I really don’t want an other night in bloody A&E!


10 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed

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      1. I’m ok thanks. Insomnia has been bad but slep a bit better last night.

        I think maybe I missed one of your posts. Were you at A and E before? Will have a look to see if I missed that post. I hope you’re ok anyway.

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