The haunting sounds of winter.

An orchestra of weather beat on the windowpane. The howling of the wind pliè and flying through the leaves. Thrashing fiercely on the glass, I hear the pouring rain. The haunting sounds of winter entertaining me.

The darkness blankets the entirety of outside. Glistening diamonds, decorate the sky. A harem of angels singing in the night. All the lost souls crying, the lost souls taking flight.

Shadows dance upon the walls, clashing with the lights, in a trance I wish for life with all my might. Can I join the choir, intertwined in the breeze? Moving in leaps and swirls, could I dance with all the leaves?

Follow the lost song that the dark night plays, be apart of nature’s sway. For these past few years, I have lost being me. So can I join you nature, and like you can I be free?


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