On your own again ugly woman. You’re old and damaged now. No one will ever love you, you fucking, stupid cow.

You give your all in immediate attention. No wonder they take you for a fool. You let your self down when you break that wall.

They lie and make you feel like sex isn’t the important thing in the world. But you know that’s not real you idiot silly girl.

You’re not worth anything so deep. No relationship, are you allowed to keep. For you shall dance with monsters and forever be alone. When it comes to humans you’ll stay on your own.

You’re not to fall for them, and they won’t fall for you. You and your monsters will be the forever crew. Insignificant is all you’ll ever be. No other fuck will give a shit you see?


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      1. I tried to find a way to contact you but couldn’t, I think it might have something to do with the internet connection at the flat here as it is very slow at the moment.

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