More medication

Have you ever had those years, where you just can’t catch a break? Where you’ll have a glimpse of life, then something grabs it for the take.

My health is very selfish and wants me all alone. Lying, pathetic in my bed with my mobile phone.

It’s hungry for medication and injections galore. Doesn’t really care what any of it is for.

Quite happy for my body to be lifeless and at a loss. Without anyone or anything, not even a bloody boss.

Same routine it is again, wake but stay in bed. What’s the point of moving the pillow from my head?

Wrapped up safe inside my covers, pretending its a hug. Because I know that my health will never let me love.

Every chance I get to try and live a life more free, my health decides to deteriorate and its back to loser me.

I know, I know I’m going on and I need to make more of an effort. But how the hell can I get out with all of this discomfort?

Oh well, I suppose 2019 will just be an other year, of wollowing inside my house and drowning oneself in beer!


2 thoughts on “More medication

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  1. I never seem to catch a break myself and if I do it backfires on me somehow. I don’t drink either so can’t drown my sorrows, I just pray a lot.


    1. I’m non religious, but I hope that prayer does something for you and keeps you sane? To be honest I don’t drink every day, first I can’t afford it and secondly I’ve been brought up with drinkers so I don’t want to go down that road. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t like drinking!


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