1st night!

It comes closer every night. I see a monstrous silhouette crawl down from the roof of the train. I’m at the front of the carriage and there are nine people behind me. That makes me number ten. I see it slyly, slither behind the passengers at the far back. Instantaneous heat fills the car. Sweat begins to profusely drip from my skin. I don’t know what it is or what it’s doing, but I can smell the fear from everyone on this carriage. It’s still out of sight but I fight with myself to look back, I slowly turn my head and in the distance I see it wrap it gargantuan arms around it’s first victim.

Tighter and tighter it squeezes. I try to run, but I’m frozen. I fight again to turn my head back round so at least i can’t see what’s about to happen. My head is stuck in place, so I close my eyes, but closing them heightens the sounds coming from behind me. I hear a echoing growl flow through the train, followed by crunching. What’s crunching? Do I open my eyes? The growl carries on, louder in my ears. My eyes flicker open. Passenger One’s lifeless body lay upon the floor, and ‘it’ slowly crept to claim victim number two.

I am number ten!

Hi guys I’m currently in the process of planning my second book. This is sort of where I’m heading halfway through the story. Don’t want to give too much a way, but I may add more everyday until it reaches number10? Anyway I hope you enjoyed this very tiny taster. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading as I always I really appreciate it,

Love The Middle Human X

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