Silver lining.

I didn’t sleep well last night, which resulted in quite a long snooze this afternoon. I had a horrendous dream, and no I’m not going to go on about on here but I have fantastic ideas for the book I’m writing. What does upset me though is the interpretations I get from my dreams. I mean I’m no expert in dreams or spiritual anything, but I do enjoy a bit of symbolism!

Once a month, sometimes more I have a dream that old friends of mine, (people that I’m not in contact with anymore but see around from time to time) betray me in the worst ways. These dreams are getting more violent as the months to on. I wake up fuming and really wanting to hurt these people sometimes. Then my reasonable head kicks in. ‘It was a dream silly, these people don’t hate you and certainly aren’t trying to kill you.’

Yeah, my subconscious is trying to make me think everyone hates me and their sole purpose is to off me. Talk about paranoia, talk about narcissistic! Who the hell do I think I am? Except, I have been in situations where at first my so-called reasonable brain tells me all in fine but intuition breaks through, and low and behold guess what? I’m fucking right! Every time something really crap is on it’s way to fuck me, I already bloody know it’s coming.

So sometimes you’ll need to excuse me when I seem a little offish and I want to be left alone. As on top of many physical health issues, anxiety and depression I have paranoia, or as shit always happens, perfect cunting intuition!?! Anyway my vivid and violent dreams are perfect for writing and I actually think I’ve got a banger of a story coming along. So while I freak myself out from time to time, at least something good is coming out of it. Yay a silver lining! Aren’t those wonderful?

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