21 again.

Oh, if I was 21 again, I would do things so differently. If I was 21 again, I would do life so much better! I would leave the heathen I lived with. Not let him hurt me ever!

I was young, in love and not so very clever. I’d start doing the things I loved much faster. Meet more people, go and travel. No longer be his minion and become the bloody master!

I would not let him near me. Smother me with hate. Listen to the negging, the excuses for being late. Making actual lies up, to make me think I’m mad. I can not believe I wanted kids, he is not fit to be called dad!

The constant betrayal haunts me to this day. But I know I’m so much better without his love anyway. Do I mind that I am single? I don’t care at all. To be with a demon like that would render me a fool.

If I was 21 again. I would of dated that man who’s eyes met with mine from across a noisey bar. I knew he would have made me happy and would have been more respecting lover. Alas at 21 I was faithfully the devil’s. Let that monster mess me up on so many levels.

I’m stronger and much wiser now and at 32 I know; no man will ever have me in tragic, hellish show. My sanity is far more important than receiving so-called love. So know this fiends I know who you are. You can’t have me, so tough!

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