Date Night

Erratic, pounding, bursting from my chest. How can one evening make you such a mess? Throat feels swollen, it’s kind of closing up. It’s date number 2, I can’tbelieve my luck?

Yes its good nerves, but still it makes me sick and my stomach is tied up in knots. I feel like I’m floating, but not in a relaxing way. I feel like I’m being chased like a fox.

My heart galloping like a stead ready for it’s prey. My brain speedily runs away. Not knowing whether I’m here nor there. Pacing about tearing out my hair.

Foots steps walking slowly up the path. I hurriedly touch up my make up in the mirror by the bath. Knocking on the letter box, I’d better let them in. I hope I don’t end up throwing up on him!?!

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